Another Year

Another year has gone by for our regiment, and it is time to say goodbye to some of those who have tirelessly worked behind the scenes to keep our regiment going and time to welcome others in their stead.

Jill Hadfield has donned two hats maintaining both our website and acting as our membership secretary for many years now. We wish to say a big thank you to all the effort and hours she has put in over the years for us.

David Carr has been our wagon master for more years than most remember, and one of our pike officers as well. We want to thank him for all the effort he has put in in driving Shaun (and his predecessor Dolly) to events, and all the time he has given up in dealing with wet canvas and loading for events.

We welcome Michael Duggan as our new wagon master and Carol Spencer as our new membership secretary and thank them for taking on these commitments to ensure our regiment continues to evolve into the friendly and enjoyable environment that is Sir Thomas Tyldesley’s Regiment of Foote