Non Combatants

The non-combatants are the caring sharing arm of the regiment. They support the rest of the Regiment both on and off the field. Camp-followers, angels of mercy, water-carriers, baggage, non-combatants, many names for one role – to follow the regiment on the battlefield and see to the need of the soldiers.

Carrying water, musket worms and anything that breaks off, falls off or is not immediately needed by the infantry or artillery, we are the fixers of problems like loose shoes, lost hats, blocked muskets and fevered brows (non-combatants with a first-aid certificate are always very welcome).

This role is performed by men, or women dressed as men, and can be an ideal way for a new recruit to experience the battle, whilst choosing which arm of the regiment to join. Although water-carrying may not sound a very exciting job it is essential for the regiments health and well-being, gives a lot of job satisfaction and a great view of the action. There is often plenty of opportunity for theatrical input including pillaging dead bodies and fending off the occasional ‘attack’ by the soldiers or cavalry of the opposing army.

Or how about joining the drum corps who lead our Regiment into battle with pride, or perhaps you can pick up a fife and accompany the drums.