Thinking of joining Tyldesley’s Regiment of Foote?

Well, getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply contact our Recruiting Sergeant. They will tell you where and when Sir Thomas Tyldesley’s Regiment will next be in action and they can answer any questions you may have.

Join Us - Photo from MargateThe main thing is that the Regiment welcomes everyone, young, old, men, women, and children, and this really is the most original way we know of to meet new friends. But why read about us when you can come along once as a guest for just £5 for one event ,to cover insurance, then find out for yourself.

In the early stages, you will need very little other than some basic camping equipment – and we may even be able to help there. The regiment will assist you with costume, armour etc. to get you going, then it’s up to you how little, or how much, you want to get involved. Some members prefer to equip themselves with authentic clothing, tents, equipment, and utensils so that they can really get into the feel of the 17th Century. Others find they prefer a little more comfort and so use modern tents, caravans, or camper vans. It really is up to each individual.

So e-mail us today and discover new friends and a very different way to spend your weekend. Alternatively use snail mail and send any questions you have to:

Membership Secretary,
38 Richmond Road,
PO12 3QJ