What Can You Do?

Sir Thomas Tyldesley raised his original Regiment in the Northwest of England but today we have members in all parts of the country from Northumberland to Devon. As a member of Sir Thomas Tyldesley’s Regiment you could:

Carry the Pike?
Armed with a lethal 16 foot steel-tipped ash pike, the job of the 17th Century Pikeman was to hold off enemy cavalry and demoralise their foot soldiers with a murderous “push” of bloody brute force. Today, the Tyldesley pike block resembles a rugby scrum in armour – it’s hot, hard work and lots of fun; just ask any Tyldesley Pikeman.

Become a Musketeer?
The 17th Century matchlock musket was no precision weapon. Rather it was used at close range in devastating volleys to tear through enemy troops. Nowadays there is less lead flying, but still plenty of smoke, noise and excitement. Tyldesley’s have a number of men and women in the “shotte”, but we are always looking for more.

Prefer A Bigger Noise?
Then our Artillery Trayne could be the place for you. Make things go with a bang. Always a crowd-puller, the artillery make every event noisy, smoky, spectacular, and fun.

Something Else?
Still want to make a noise but want to avoid the black powder? Well how about the drum corps who lead our Regiment into battle with pride, or perhaps you can pick up a fife and accompany the drums. And then there is the vital team of followers who carry supplies, water, and provide assistance on the battle-field. If you have an appropriate certificate then perhaps a role as a first aider would appeal to you.

Bodging at Lulworth 2005Of a Less Military Persuasion?
Why not demonstrate a skill during a Living History event. We have cooks, woodworkers, leather workers, artists, musicians, spinners, basket weavers, candle makers, brewers and many others who have learnt Seventeenth Century skills and can demonstrate them to the public.

There’s something for everyone in the Regiment, and if there’s some 17th Century skill you’d like to learn we’re always eager to help. Find out more…