Pikes, plunder and mayhem returned to Newark

Over 300 civil war re-enactors descended on Newark, Nottinghamshire, during early May Bank Holiday as the clock was turned back to the mid-17th century.

Sponsored by The National Civil War Centre  the 3rd Pikes and Plunder annual civil war festival took place on 30 April and 1 May 2017.

The historic Queen’s Sconce fort – built in 1644 – was the stunning venue for musket fire and fighting, whilst Newark Castle hosted major living history displays, recreating the dark days when the besieged citizens of Newark struggled to cope with food shortages. The National Civil War Centre also staged exciting demonstrations to bring the period vividly back to life.

Newark was a Royalist stronghold during the war between crown and parliament and during the last of three sieges over the winter of 1645/46 it was assailed by 16,000 English and Scottish troops. The ordeal lasted until 8 May 1646 when it was ordered to lay down its arms by King Charles. With the plague rampant, one in five buildings destroyed and turf stripped from surrounding pasture land to build fortifications, it took Newark 100 years to recover.

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